Artist Jimbo Ermilio

Please allow me to introduce myself!

I was born and raised in central California where at the age of 16 bought my first tattoo machine with my McDonalds paycheck.

At 17 I was fortunate enough to land myself a real ol’ school apprenticeship that lasted about 2 years.

In that time I learned the fundamentals of tattooing.
Tracing all the flash in the shop, making tattoo needles, and building machines really helped me at a young age understand the industry I was about to dive into.

I knew back then that art was going to be something that was going to transform my life and here I am 12 years later still doing what I love!

I’ll let my work speak for itself!  Proficient in both Color tattoos and B&G I love a challenge if you have something unique!

Professionalism is something I pride myself in.

You will never be rushed as I take my time to ensure that you leave with a badass, clean tattoo you can wear proudly!




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