Apprentice Angel (Joe) Montoya

Angel began his apprenticeship under CM Rutledge on January 1st of this year.
He’s been working diligently on a daily basis since then to learn the art of tattooing as well as forming the understanding that at Lady Liberty Tattoo, our clients are like gold and we should treat them as such.
As of May 6th, Angel will be offering simple, supervised tattoos for FREE to the first 20 willing individuals who are willing donate a section of their body to the cause of learning.
Tattoos 21 – 30 will be at a flat rate of $50.
Tattoos 31 – 40 will increase to a flat rate of $100.
Below are pre-drawn examples of the tattoos that Angel is offering to willing participants, however if you have a simple design idea that you’d like, feel free to use the form below to reach out to him directly!

Available Designs

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