Upon completion of your tattoo, we will typically do one of two methods of bandaging.
Their instructions are as follows:

If we place a bandage with black or white “soaker pads”, sometimes covered with plastic wrap, leave this on for a minimum of two hours, if you’d like to leave it on longer (even as long as overnight) that’s ok too, just no less than two hours.
Once you remove the bandage, wash the tattoo with a comfortable temperature water and a soft, mild, non-scented soap. I personally recommend a foaming hand washing soap. This way it comes out soft and you don’t need to rub your sore tattoo more than necessary.
Dry with a paper towel.
(We recommend the mild soap and paper towels for three to four days after getting your tattoo.)
Once dried, apply a layer of Hustle Butter aftercare ointment over the tattoo. Apply Hustle Butter to the tattoo, as many times a day as you feel is necessary until the tattoo is fully healed.
Hustle Butter is recommended because it is all natural and doesn’t contain petroleum and therefore, won’t clog the skin.
Hustle Butter can be purchased at Lady Liberty Tattoo.
During the first two weeks of healing, the tattoo will begin to flake like a sunburn. This is normal. Don’t pick or help any of this flaking off. Depending on the tattoo, placement, skin type, there may even be some spots of scabbing which will last longer than the flaking. This is also normal but doesn’t always happen. Leave these spots alone and don’t pick the scabs. They will heal naturally on their own even if they take longer.

If we apply a clear, adhesive type bandage called Saniderm, leave this bandage on for four days.
Saniderm is a breathable, yet waterproof bandage that helps your tattoo heal from the inside out.
It is normal for fluid to develop beneath the bandage, this is helping the tattoo heal. If for any reason the fluid leaks out of the bandage, the protective seal has been broken and the bandage must be removed and the above aftercare must now be followed.
After four days, carefully remove the bandage (under warm running water helps), and wash the tattoo with a mild soap.
Pat dry with a paper towel.
The tattoo at this point is mostly healed but will require applying Hustle Butter or a mild lotion lightly daily until the tattoo feels smooth like the rest of your skin.